Dr Marlie Holtzhausen

Dr Marlie HoltzhausenDr Marlie Holtzhausen is the Programme Director of Team Development at the Centre for Mediation in Africa at the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on relational thinking as a core concept of political studies, development, economics, justice, mediation, and peacebuilding. Her postdoctoral research has been shaped by her work in South Africa’s NGO sector, training as a life and organisational coach, as well as through work at a national standard accredited certification body in South Africa. The research is guided by a pragmatic approach that emerged from working within the development sector in search of sustainable research tools, assessments, methodologies, and solutions to people’s real-life problems. She has also been involved in teaching courses in political sciences throughout most of her graduate studies. 

Research Profile

Book Chapters

Published 2022: Holtzhausen, M. The Political Economy of Migration in South Africa. In Developmental migration: Policies, problems, and possibilities for South Africa, edited by Paul Kariuki and Jason Musyoka. Johannesburg: UJ Press.

Forthcoming 2023: Holtzhausen, M. Parliament as a Legislative Authority in South Africa: The Constitutional framework for governance and oversight. In The South African Parliament, Politics, and Democratic Governance in the Post-Covid 19 era: Challenges, insights, and possibilities. Johannesburg: UJ Press.

Journal articles

Published 2021: Holtzhausen, M; Musyoka, J. “Re-Legitimising Development: A case for relational approach in development interventions, measuring the relationships of an NGO in South Africa”, published in Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development.

Forthcoming 2023: Holtzhausen, M; Wielenga, C. “The need for ‘messy’ development interventions: In support of a relational approach to development with as reference a case study from the South African care industry”, submitted to Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies.

Forthcoming 2023: Holtzhausen, M; Wielenga, C. “A Relational Approach to Human Development in the Covid-19 Crises: Perspectives from two case studies in South Africa”.

Forthcoming 2023: Holtzhausen, M. “The Re-conceptualisation of Terminology in Development from a Relational Approach: Perspectives from two case studies in South Africa”   

Newspaper and other articles

  • A Relational Response to the Covid-19 Crisis: Perspectives from Two Case Studies in South Africa by Social Science Research Council – Items. Published 11th August 2022.
  • Tokens and smokescreens – Why women don’t need more commemorations on Women’s Day by University of Pretoria. Published 5th August 2022.
  • South Africa in crisis: We need gutsy leadership and progressive intervention by business for Daily Maverick. Published 9th March 2021.   
  • The future should be a relational economy for City Press. Published 10th May 2020.
  • Giving Tuesday — the antidote to Black Friday for Daily Maverick. Published 27th November 2018.
  • Land needs a relationist approach for News 24. Published 16th March 2018.