Mr Daniel Ekup-Nse

Daniel Ekup-Nse is a doctoral candidate in the Political Sciences department at the University of Pretoria. His major research focus is an analysis of protests through the prism of constructive patriotism by using Black Lives Matter and the EndSars as empirical cases. Daniel began his academic journey in History and Education. He has a research interest in African History, philosophy of history, Decoloniality, and neglected conflicts in Africa.

Daniel is experienced in designing and managing programmes to realise organisational objectives in the corporate sector. He is a communications expert. He is further skilled in managing New Media sites and employing myriad media to create and disseminate graphics and audio-visual content for productive social effects. He writes and voices documentary scripts and directs set productions as well. He has a field experience in corporate stakeholder identification, engagement, and collaboration.

His strengths are transformational leadership, collaboration, and empathy.

Research Profile